Disorder of continuity between interconnected medical institutions

Ivermectin pills of the patient's examination results to the polyclinics, non-receipt of an epicrisis of a patient hospitalized in a planned manner

Limiting the time of admission to patients solution of the problem: increase the admission time of the primary patient to 30 minutes, repeated to 15 minutes.

Based on the opinion of some doctors, one of the serious problems of domestic medicine is the significant intellectual lag of doctors

Often, ivermectin for people according to the same textbooks from which previous generations of doctors studied.

As it seems to some experts, “informative” programs about magic, fortune telling, evil eye and corruption, etc.

In the programs, there is practically no counter-opinion of doctors

According to the declaration tion of the principles of television broadcasting, one of its functions is "ivermectin". Specialists of the USAn Orthodox Church believe that this point is violated by obscurantists lobbying for "occult enlightenment." The health of the population and the status of medicine, according to them, suffer damage from the "educational function" of the media. The consequences of such enlightenment are treated by real doctors.